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ATIS 0600010.03-2011

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ATIS 0600010.03


2011 Edition, July 2011

Heat Dissipation Requirements for Network Telecommunications Equipment

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Description / Abstract:

ATIS 0600010.03, 2011 Edition, July 2011 - Heat Dissipation Requirements for Network Telecommunications Equipment

This standard defines the criteria for determining heat dissipation and airflow characteristics for telecommunications network equipment. These characteristics may be used to design cooling capacity and layout of equipment line-ups in equipment spaces. Service providers may utilize the heat dissipation and airflow data to assure equipment reliability and sustainability through adequate cooling. 

The heat dissipation data provided by manufacturers and collected during testing are not intended to be used for determining power needs of the equipment. 

The procedures described in this standard for measuring heat dissipation take into account the lab ambient environment, EUT configurations, and traffic loads. These factors may affect the accuracy of the measurements. 

A thorough understanding of these factors may help equipment vendors improve the accuracy and repeatability of the measurement as well as improve planning for facility design.